22 March 2016

Distinguished Service Medal Group

Every now and then we get a surprising request.
Yesterday, Bill contacted me having received a call from the Fitzroy Police Station. The Property Officer, Jackie, had received several items which included full size group of 7 and a miniature group which included a Distinguished Service Medal. The medals were named to Simon Moore-Wilton, a name I recognised.
It took a few hours to contact Simon and when I did he was a little surprised as he thought he knew where his medals were. Then he realised that a recent burglary must have resulted in his medals being stolen. Bill and I put Simon in contact with the Police as there were several other personal items handed in with the medals. Unfortunately, Simon's full size DSM is still missing.
Many thanks to Therese McTavish and Dan Hansen, mutual friends of Simon and me, who assisted with this search. And of course thanks to Jackie of the Victoria Police.
The returned medal tally is now 1798.

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