16 February 2016

Return via Facebook

This last weekend I was linked to a Facebook post about a lost Defence Force Service Medal. The post included the service number, initials and name that were stamped on the reverse. From this, and with the help of my colleague David Cadden, I worked out the medal was awarded to Martin Edward Price.
The only additional information we could find was the name of his sister. This led back to Facebook and I could work out the names of other family members. I used this to contact one relative by phone and leave another a Facebook message. One of these got through and I spoke to Martin tonight. His medal should be on it's way home, having been lost in 1989, in the near future.
Thanks to Michael Bear Harry who found the medal, my friend Susan and Ian who shared the post with me and David for the database search expertise.
The returned medal tally is now 1767.

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