06 December 2015

Richard Taylor

My part in this search started when I received the British War Medal awarded to 6394 PTE Richard Taylor from the Tamborine Mountain RSL. Richard served in the 25th Battalion and his mother Margaret was listed as his NOK.
It was pretty easy to follow Richard through the electoral rolls after the war. He married Lillian Smith in 1928 but they had no children. Lillian died in 1957 and Richard in 1960.
Richard had one sister, Agnes. She married in 1921 but died the same year. Richard's father was William Taylor but I couldn't find any further information about him or Margaret (nee Park) so I focused my research on Lillian's family.
Lillian was the daughter of Benjamin Smith and Eliza Alice Bardsley. I found this information from the Queensland BDM which was a piece of luck as there wasn't any identifiable immigration records to look at as Benjamin and Eliza were from the UK.
Next I found Eliza on an Ancestry family tree and the owner, Tony, and I confirmed the family connection. Tony was also able to tell me that Lillian's brother was Emmott Smith who was killed in action on 30 October 1918.
Thanks very much to John Brookes, President of the Tamborine Mountain RSL who sent me the medal.
The returned medal tally is now 1755.

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