25 November 2015

Thomas Feeley

Knowing where and how a set of medals has been found often quickly leads us to the recipient or, as is more often the case, their next of kin. Unless it involves the Police.
Confidentiality and legal obligations, often means that we (Glyn and myself) sometimes go around in circles. The search for  VX72799 Gunner Thomas Charles Feeley was a case in point.
Today as I spoke to Barry, his son, he admitted that he could hardly wait to phone his sister and tell her that dad’s medals, stolen quite some time ago, had been recovered.
In this case, as I was later informed by a Senior Constable, ‘recovered’ was the appropriate word.
At the request of the family, who it must be remembered have gone through the trauma of loss of their father’s medals once, I will say no more.

Great work Bill.
The returned medal tally is now 1753.

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