08 November 2015

Louis Cleary

10821 Louis Joseph Angelo Cleary served with an interesting unit, the 3rd Divisional Train. This was was a logistics organisations which supported the 3rd Division and consisted of four service corps companies, a salvage company, three field ambulances, a sanitary section and a mobile veterinary section. He is listed as a driver and moved between units of the Divisional Train including a field ambulance, an Entrenching Battalion and an Advanced Horse Transport Depot. Louis died in 1944 as a result of his war service and has a War Graves Commission head stone.
With a name as distinctive as Louis Joseph Angelo Cleary it was easy to follow him through the electoral rolls but at that point the search became far more difficult. The search commenced in May 2014 and was only finalised today. Louis married Kathrine, however, they did not have any children. Louis also stopped using Angelo so the records became a bit confusing.
With no direct descendant I started looking at Louis' sibling. He had four brothers and three sisters. Unraveling each of these families created more confusion for me. Of those who did marry I could only find one who had any children who then went on to have families of their own. This was Percy. His son John served during WWII as a legal officer. It was through this line that I was able to contact Louis' great nephew Elaine.
Thank you to Suzanne S of Canberra who sent me the medal.
The medals are in as issued condition with the original ribbon which is close to 100 years old and in remarkable condition.
The returned medal tally is now 1745.

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