11 June 2015

Another example of the curse of Anzac Day

I got to give this to Bill as a great result in a very short time.

I always envy Glyn and his ability to find an obscure name, take a chance and find it in the phone book. Well envy no more.
I opened an email from Anzac House at 4.05 pm with the brief message:
'Hi Bill....this medal was found in the Seymour car park .... could you please assist returning it to the owner?'
Five minutes later I found 'the owner', the only problem was that it took until 7.00pm to finally contact him. Yes I know it is not a record but after some searches of late, I consider it a reward for perseverance.
At the request of the owner I'll keep the details brief other than to say he was quite surprised and somewhat disbelieving when I rang as he assured me it was safely in his coat pocket where it had been on Anzac Day.

The returned medal tally is now 1695.

1 comment:

  1. Always good to see the 'boss' being pipped :)
    Well done Bill.