24 December 2014

George Brimble

When I received the WWII group of six medals awarded to NX9039 George Enoch Brimble I thought that it be a pretty easy search based on his name. I was right that it was easy but for an entirely different reason.
Through the electoral rolls I followed George to 1980 but then he disappeared. I couldn't find a record of his death or that of his wife. It appeared that George and his wife separated about 1958 and here was no children from the marriage. A check back of the Brimble family gave me his sister's name and that she lived in a small town in NSW called The Rock. I'm quite familiar with this town as it is just south of Kapooka where I've been posted to a couple of times.
George's niece married a local gent and a check of the White Pages showed me that a couple with the same initial and surname combination lived in The Rock. I took a punt and called the number and was soon speaking to George's niece. She confirmed my research about George, 'her favorite uncle' and also told me that his grand father, Tom Brimble, was killed in action during WWI. Tom was a member of 45th Battalion, AIF and has no know grave but is commemorated at the Australian National Memorial, Villers-Bretonneux, France.
Thanks go to Keith Harrison of the SA RSL who sent the medals to me after they had been handed in. This wasn't the quickest search I've concluded but it still took less that 20 minutes from the time the medals arrived in my letter box until I was talking to the family. The returned medal tally is now 1604.

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  1. Excellent work in such a short space of time ... well done.