24 December 2014

Bill's Christmas Tale

A Christmas Tale – A Work in Progress
It has been for all us a hectic year, and yet I do not believe that 2015 will be any less so.
One of my duties with my local RSL club is arranging for members and family and for anyone else for that matter, to have medals mounted or as is now often the case re-ribboned.
So to those of you who follow this  Blog and read my story on Frederick Glover in particular, the need to have medals properly mounted, should come as no surprise
So please read on:
In the last week I have been approached by three families with regard to having medals mounted (See Photos), in all cases they were accompanied with similar words.
 “These are Dad’s, I don’t know about the other two.”
“I think no I know it’s the wife’s grandfather. But the spelling is wrong”
“There is no one called Hill in our family, extended or not”
“He could have been my great-grandfather’s cousin”
“I found them amongst dad’s medals”.
“My father in Law was a POW, he never spoke of it”
And so the story begins in reality.
Currently I have lodged two applications on behalf of families, to firstly determine what medals the recipient was eligible for and what he received, and where necessary to claim any such posthumous awards.
So far.
Yes the medals are the wife’s grandfather’s. It is a nuisance when one medal is engraved Mac, and the others Mc.
The other’s well one belongs to a soldier with flat feet (yes I know it has nothing to do with the story), who stayed in France after WW1, to work with War Graves. I am assured that it was out of a sense of duty, and had nothing to do with Jeane Julia Lasson whom he married in July 1919.
So to our regular readers. Watch this space.

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