25 May 2014

Light Horse Regiment medal

This story has two parts that are about a decade apart.
I first returned the 1914-15 Star and British War Medal to the family of 804 T-CPL Elias Huxtable well before I had a website or blog. I didn't have a PC then either and all my records were hand written. Fast forward to last week when I received an email from the original donor telling me he had the Victory medal to Huxtable as well. I then had to dive in to some old storage boxes and locate the copies of my original research. Once I found it I was able to contact then again and pass on this piece of news.
Huxtable was a member of the 10th Light Horse Regiment. His service record is only 11 pages long and the most interesting bit is the fact he was Court Martialed for prejudicial behaviour and awarded 40 days field punishment. The Court Martial documents haven't yet been digitised so it isn't know what the prejudicial behaviour actually was.
10th Light Horse Regiment is still in existence and a unit which I have a close link to.
Thanks to Stuie for sending me these medals. The returned medal tally is now 1454.

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