08 January 2014

Cyril McCarthy - the final chapter

Regular readers will remember the story of Cyril McCarthy and his WWI dog tag that was recently found in a French field. This is the original story, update 1 and update 2.
This search came to a wonderful conclusion recently when I received the dog tag from Philippe in France and arrangements were put in place for me to meet Cyril's grand son Bernie and hand it back. ABC journalist Jennifer King wrote the original story that started this journey and has also been heavily involved in bring it to a close. This link has Jennifer's on line story and an embedded video of the TV news report.


  1. I am guessing this has taken a long time - and the family would be very delighted to have them back - Congrats to all involved!

  2. This story brings tears to the eyes just like many others on this wonderful site
    What a wonderful thing to do to return these medals to their families after so many lost years
    These stories restore my faith in human nature