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02 January 2014

Alan Barcham

This is a very short story which does not do justice to the hours of research put in by Bill and Liz from the Australian Surname Group.
I received the Australian Service Medal 1939-45 awarded to NX72330 Alan Herbert Barcham from Heather K in January 2011. The suspender bar on the medal is missing which is how I suspect that the medal became separated from the rest of the group. Thanks to Liz's research, Bill was recently able to contact Alan's son and I'll return the medal to the family in the near future.
The returned medal tall y is now 1405.


  1. Well done you lot !

  2. That's fantastic, great work Glyn, Liz and Bill!

  3. You guys rock, wonderful work you all do

  4. I am Alan's son. You guys have done a fantastic job finding them for me, words cannot describe how I feel. Regards Ken

  5. What a nice surprise to see you on the tv tonight Glyn, returning yet another badge. Well done, everyone!