15 August 2013

Ruth Fenton

I have often mentioned the wonderful relationship that I have with the RSL National and State Branch Headquarters. This story is another example of our collaboration.
Last night I received a package of medals that have been handed in to the WA RSL. The first medal I looked at was awarded to WFX17049 Ruth Epsie Fenton. From the number I knew I was looking for a lady. However, a search of the name and initials and the service number bought up a nil result on the WW2 nominal roll. It took a little bit of playing around but I eventually located Ruth's entry. The F from her service number is missing and the entry is under her maiden name; Ruth Epsie Nichols.
Once I have this information I located an Ancestry family tree and fired off a message. This evening I was contacted by Ruth's daughter, Gail, who I'll return the medal to in the near future.
Thank you to Wendy at the WA RSL who sent the medal to me. The returned medal tally is now 1298.


  1. Congratulations everyone :)

  2. Hi Glyn

    Many thanks I have received my mothers medal in the mail yesterday the 2nd of September we are so pleased that you were able to find us so quickly we will now mount this medal in a display box with her other medals that she had I do have a very good photo of her with all her buddies in Murray st Perth if you need once again thanks GAIL