24 August 2013

Norm Heslington

The Vietnam War pair awarded to 5716836 Norman Kenneth Heslington were included in the parcel that I recently received from the WA RSL. From the nominal roll I worked out that Norm was a conscript and served with the 2nd Battalion, RAR. A search of Ancestry.com revealed that he was a child immigrant who travelled to Australia on his own to join his brothers at Fairbridge, south of Perth. Many readers, especially those from Perth, will know about Fairbridge Farm School.
It took me about a fortnight to locate Norm and today I was able to talk to him and find out his story. Norm was the longest resident of Fairbridge having lived there for 12 years. He was conscripted and served in Vietnam. Norm has been the President of the Old Fairbridgians Association and he has pointed me at this web site about the the situation today.
Norm lost his medals in the mid 1980s. He tells me that he has five medals in total and has been wearing replica medals for some years. It is obvious that someone has had the Vietnam War pair mounted but missing the other medals. I've provided Norm with the contact details of Honours and Awards so that he can obtain official replacements and see if he is entitled to any medals that have been awarded since he completed his service.
Thank you again to Wendy at the WA RSL who sent the medals to me. The returned medal tally is now 1302.

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