30 June 2013

Graham Jennings

This is another set of medals that Bill received from John Morris from the Longbeach RSL. I think it is then fitting that John would be handed the medals back last week so he could then present them to the daughter of VX141521Graham Arthur Jennings. As it turned out that after a fruitless12 month search and than having Bill locate the family, John actually knows Graham's daughter. However, he knows her by her married name not her maiden name.
In his notes, Bill tells me that this was a pretty difficult search but he ‘got lucky with the Electoral Rolls, well sort of lucky’. One thing that surprised Bill a little was the as issued condition that the medals are in which can clearly be seen in the picture
We can’t thank John enough for the trust that he has placed in us.
The returned medal tally is now 1291.

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  1. Great outcome ... well done Bill :)