27 April 2013

Francis Baldwin

One of the reasons we list all the medals I have is so that anyone who is researching a family name on line might stumble upon our site. This has probably happened about 20 times all up.
I had very little information on 129765 PTE Francis Baldwin, Machine Gun Corps. The only facts I had was that Francis was a British soldier, he was born in 1890 in Lancashire and his father's name was Richard. This information took considerable effort to find and I must thank the members of the British Medals Forum for their assistance. Not a lot to go on and in the 7 years since I've had this medal this is all I came up with.
Well, as a direct result of the ACA story, a viewer looked at our lost medals list and recognised Baldwin's name.
Michael is Baldwin's third cousin twice removed and with in seconds of us speaking we confirmed we were talking about the same soldier. I had suspected that Baldwin did not marry or have children. Michael was able to confirm this for me. I'll post Michael the medal in the near future.
Thank you to Tony K who sent the medal to me in 2006. Once again my sincere thanks to Brady Halls for doing the ACA story. The return is attributed to Brady. The returned medal tally is now 1271.


  1. Wonderful Glyn ... sterling work as usual :)

  2. Hi
    Big thanks to Glyn, Brady and Tony.
    I spend a lot of time researching my family and am very keen to keep the family military history and service alive.
    all the best and thanks again.