12 March 2013

John Clifford

Over the years we have established several long standing relationships with government or veterans organisations. One which both Bill and I are most proud of is the relationship we have with the RSL at the national and state level. This particular case started with a request from the Victorian RSL state branch. I'll let Bill take up the story of 1385 Trooper John Joseph Clifford, 4th Australian Light Horse.

'John’s British War Medal came to us courtesy of the memorabilia section of the Victorian RSL after it was handed in to them.
John, who served in the 4th Australian Light Horse, was more than qualified for his role; he stated that his employment prior to enlistment was as a jockey. The attached photo, from the AWM, shows the 5ft 7in, 19 year old Trooper Clifford looking every bit the jockey.
Born in Tipperary, Ireland, the search for a next of kin was initially a daunting task. This is despite John, who died in 1925 from injuries and health problems associated with his service, coming from a large family. However, as I worked through the evidence, it became clear that the only practical option was to follow the line from his sister May Margaret Clifford through her marriage to Tom Guthrie. As a result the Victorian Branch of the RSL will soon forward John’s medal to May’s grandson, Michael.'

Bill was very crisp with his research and was able to locate Michael before the RSL could forward the medal to me. That means no picture of the medal but I think the photo of John from the AWM is a fine substitute. 
The returned medal tally is now 1253.
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  1. Wonderful work, Bill!

    Many thanks to the Victorian RSL for also being family-minded with their memorabilia collection.

  2. Congratulations Bill ... you all make a wonderful research team :)