04 September 2012

Medal explanation brochures

Today I stumbled on the PDF version of some brochures produced by the Department of Defence that provide concise explanations of medals that have been awarded to Australians. These link will take you to each brochure:
The Australian Honours and Award System
WWI Campaign Medals
WWII Campaign Medals
1945 to 1975 Campaign Medals
1975 to Present Day Campaign Medals
Long Service Medals
Miscellaneous Medals and Badges


  1. Did the Africa Star get awarded to troops in Palestine? Or was just west of the Suez service, & Syria?

  2. Hi Paul,
    The eligibility for the Africa Star took a bit to pin down as two references I have at home were ambiguous. This is what I got from the Honours and Awards web site:

    'This medal is awarded for a minimum of one days operational service in North Africa, west of the Suez Canal between 10 June 1940 and 12 May 1943 and in Syria between 8 June 1941 and 11 July 1941.'

    None of the references I've looked at mentions Palestine.
    I hope this helps.