12 September 2012

Dixon post update

I've updated the post about Harry Dixon.


  1. Glyn

    I recently came across your article re the lost medals of Harry Dixon.

    Harry is my Great Uncle. His sister (my grandmother) married Norman Hutchison. My father was named Harry after him.

    I have been trying to track down photos of Harry and found some in the newspapers of the time on Trove. The photos are very grainy however.

    I have a little information on the family from my uncles who still live in Perth who I understand have some photos but despite my asking, I have not been able to obtain copies.

    It was wonderful to see the photos of him. I recently purchased a plaque for Harry in Kings Park Perth and listed him in the web site WW1 Pictorial Honour roll of West Australians. I can now update the photo.

    Sad that these soldiers who made the ultimate sacrifice and after long service throughout the war are seemingly forgotten.

    I hope to visit his grave at Crucifix Corner next year.

    Keep up the good work.


    David Hutchison

  2. Thank you for your comment David. I've sent you an email with a longer response.