30 July 2012

Benedict John McNamara

Medals come to us is all sorts of condition. Some arrive as if they had only recently been issued even thought they are close to 100 years old while others have well and truly seen better days.
The Australian Service Medal 1939-45 awarded to NX113858 Benedict John McNamara most definitely falls in to the second category. As the photos show the pin for attaching the ribbon is missing, the edge is damaged and the metal is discoloured. However, the naming is still quite visible.
This medal will be sent to Ben's nephew and thank you to Grant B who forwarded the medal to me.
The returned medal tally is now 1174.


  1. Hi Glyn .I would like to make contact with Benedicts Nephew . Benedict is my nieces Grandfather , My niece would love to meet some of her lost relatives .Thank you Christine

  2. HI Christine, can you please email me at llanwarne80 at hotmail dot com