27 January 2012

Australia Day 2012

Yesterday, I was very honoured to be recognised in the Australia Day Awards with the Medal of the Order of Australia. The award was made for services to veterans and their families and I feel rather humble that what I do is worthy of national recognition.
I would not have been able to achieve the success I have without the assistance of many others. My research team work tirelessly searching through records, both physically and on line, to locate the family of the service men we are looking for.
Bill, Morris, Alex, Tim and Nicole have my eternal gratitude for their continued unselfish research efforts.
Scott continues to be my man in Queensland and our website would not exist without him.
The internet remains the medium through which most of our research is done. While there is a lot of information available it is not always readily to hand. We are very lucky to be associated with the Australian Surname Group which is made up of members with an extraordinary ability to find that vital bit of information that helps us solve so many cases. Thank you doesn't seem to say enough for the assistance that the Yuku team provides us.
In the background I have a wonderful group of friends who I first met through the Australian Light Horse forum. This gang is the most supportive and riotously fun group I know. They made my early research possible and today remain the closest of friends.
Then, of course , there is Anna, Grace and Rhys who put up with everything.
Thank you to everyone.


  1. Congratulations Glyn.
    So proud of you.

    It is a rare thing for a military person to be awarded the Medal of The Order of Australia. It is deserving and fitting that it is awarded to you for your tireless efforts in such a worthy quest.

    A thank you from me to the rest of your research team for taking up the quest to help you along its journey.

  2. Glyn, I was delighted yesterday to hear of this award and congratulations to you and all your research team and helpers
    It is a wonderful venture and means so much to many families when the missing medals are returned to them
    Especially like the two stories of medals returned after 70 and 50 years lost
    Wonderful stuff
    Best wishes to all the Team and well deserved

  3. Wonderful Glyn and so well deserved.

    The voluntary work of you and your research team has been justly recognised for their marvellous efforts.


  4. Glyn, How about a picture of this Medal posted in your blog so we can all see it
    My husband is just reading this and has also sent his congratulations & best wishes for a job well done
    A piccie please?

  5. Thank you all for these kind comments. I've added a new post which has a picture of the OAM.