24 January 2010

4520 Teddy McLean

A little over two years ago I was contacted by Alan Kitchen from the Family and Friends of the First AIF Inc who had obtained the Victory medal of 4520 Teddy Arthur McLean 3rd Bn AIF. McLean died of wounds on 4 Mar 17.
Alan was keen to see this medal returned to the family for the following reasons:
  • 'He was wounded in the same action when my Uncle was KIA 2356 T.H.Kitchen .
  • He was one of three brothers,
  • They lived very near from where my uncle & Dad grew up in Waterloo and possibly went to the same school Cleveland St in Surrey Hills.'
Bill , assisted by the Yuku team, did some extraordinary detective work which led to locating McLean's great nephew, David. When Bill spoke to David it turned out that he had all the other items that are associated with a WWI soldier who died of wounds. He has Teddy's memorial plaque and scroll. A photo of the scroll is below. David also has all the letters that Teddy's brother sent home. David has also provide us with a photo of Teddy.

The returned medal tally is now 580.
The family of Teddy McLean also had his memorial plaque so now all the items have been reunited. (Added 6 Feb 10).

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