24 January 2010

2561 Stanley Vernon Botting

I recently received the WWI trio awarded to 2561 Stanley Vernon Botting. He was a little difficult to locate on the National Archives as he transferred from 27th Bn to Australian Army Pay Corps so an 'A' was added to his number as was the procedure at the time. His rank also confused me a little as the impressing on the BWM and Victory medals is shows CPL-ER-2. I've not come across this before and will have to do a bit more research to work it out.
Before WWI, Botting worked in the South Australian Electoral Office. It was the history of this office that gave me the best lead. I contacted the author of the paper 'history of the state electoral office', Margaret Macilwain, who provided me with the contact details of Botting's grand daughter. A picture of Botting can be found on page 26.
So, thanks to Margaret, this trio is now on the way back to the family.

Yes the BWM is the wrong way around but this is how it was sent to me.

The returned medal tally is now 583.

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