15 July 2009

This return is to the niece of NX 24326 R.T. Madden. Bill has been very frustrated with this search but some fantastic help from the Australian Surnames Group. I would like to quote Bill here:
'So when you put up the Blog can you mention the ladies of YUKKI and the lovely Sharon, and Charlee who provided the break through, in particular Sharon when she suggested that I discard the 'death notice' I had for a Mary Jane MARTIN and go back to the beginning. Which is what I did and now 7 months later. Were there..'.

The tally of medals returned is now 527.

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  1. Sharon Bagnall24 August, 2015 13:44

    I would just like to extend my congratulations on the magnificent work you are doing. On googling Reuben's name last night I came upon the Australian Surname Group, hence your site, and the work you had done in locating a family member to return his lost medals. As Reuban had no children I have often wondered what had happened to them thinking the one of the extended family members would have them. So It left me with a feeling that Reuban would be happy that they will stay with his family. Reuban is my uncle, my grandmother being his younger sister, Edith Parker. We were all reunited with him in 1978 when he attended my aunts wedding. What I was wondering is if you could contact David Eberhardt for me please (as his mother is now deceased) and ask him if he would like a photo taken of him in 1978. I am happy to make contact through you if he does not wish to contact me directly. I would love a photo of the medal also if possible. I have been unofficially the family historian for 25 years now, and would like the photo with my history of Reuban.
    Now that only leaves me to ponder what has happened to his brother, Lawrence Madden's medals. He was KIA in WW1.
    Thank you again for the wonderful work that you do.
    Sharon Bagnall.