19 July 2009

Gallipoli Died of Wounds

618 William Middlebrook was a member of 14th Bn, he arrived at Gallipoli in May 1915. He received a gunshot wound on 27 May and was evacuated to a hospital ship. He died of wounds on 29 May 1915 and was buried at sea. His medal entitlement was the 1914-15 Star, The British War Medal and the Victory Medal were sent to his brother Thomas. At some point they have been lost and were recently handed in to the Victorian Police who sent them to me.

The medal returned tally is now 529.


  1. Thanks Glyn, I'm so glad you were able to find this solders decendants; you do a good job keep it up!

  2. My pleasure. This was a great result connecting the family with the soldier.