10 July 2017

CPL V D P Sutherland

This Australian Defence Medal has done the rounds.
It was recovered in December 2016 by the NSW Police  Service and found its way to Senior Constable Jackie Largo. Jackie definitely goes to the next level to see recovered items returned to their owner. In this case she sent the medal to Defence and then it made its way to me via Polly from DCO. Because the medal was a recent award, I had to call on a contact, Paul, to confirm the full name of 52759 V D P Sutherland.
It turns out that the initials, V D P, stand for Vincent De Paul. From there it was pretty easy and 20 minutes after starting this search I was talking to Vincent who tells me the medal was stolen from him. It is his only entitlement having served from 1954 to 1960 as an ARA solider.
The returned medal tally is now 2126.


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