26 February 2017

More assistance to the Victorian Police Force

One of the difficulties that medal collectors face when researching British issued WWII medals is that they were not named. That makes attributing a group to an individual almost impossible. When we receive groups like this it is impossible to determine the veteran or their family. Following WWII the British went back to the practice of naming medal so every now and then we get a lucky break and a British WWII medal group will have a later issued medal named medal. That is how Bill managed to solve this case of a group of five WWII RAF medals. Unfortunately, due to the circumstance we can’t provide many details.

Alex’s medals are home.
Under normal circumstance Alex’s medals, stolen from his sister’s home along with their presentation case, where they held pride of place along with other mementos, would have presented an impossible task. But it was Alex’s service after WW2, when the British defence forces had gone back to inscribing their medals that gave us the lead, as unlike his WW2 medals, they were inscribed with his name and Service Number.
At the request of the Victoria Police I will not detail the steps taken to find Alex’s family. At the further at the request of his sister the custodian of the medals, we have refrained from including, the usual photograph/s that often accompanies our stories.
But to Jackie of the Victoria Police, whose perseverance brought us into the case, thank you and well done.

The returned medal tally is now 2017.

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