15 September 2016

Another story with not a lot to tell

George’s medal have gone home.
From being found in a rubbish bin in Melbourne in 1997 to Perth in 2016, these medals have been a long journey. So where have they been? I can’t say, nor at the conclusion of the search, can I begin to guess. 
Traced back through several different organisations, each of whom appeared at some time to try and locate either ‘George’ or his family, I initially came to the conclusion that searching for a next of kin was not going to be easy. I was right. But with the help of a few good people and a large helping of stubbornness (mine) the most important thing is that in the end, George’s medals are home.
Out of respect to his memory and his family, I will say no more.
To Elizabeth, Diana and Mike, at RSL Branch Headquarters, Victoria, thank you.

The returned medal tally is now 1922.

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