07 August 2015

Association badge

Over the years Bill and I have received different items of militaria which we are asked to return. This is one such case but it is very close to home for me.
My niece Rebecca goes to school in Townsville and through that connection my sister in law was given the badge which is pictured below. The hope was that I could get it back to the owner. As soon as I saw it I recognised it as a corps association badge. In this case for the Royal Australian Corps of Transport (RACT). These badges have a membership number on the reverse so I know we could track the owner.
Yesterday, I happened to be in Townsville and I knew that I would be seeing a friend of mine who is the Commanding Officer of one of the logistic units at Lavarack Barracks. He is also RACT, as is his Regimental Sergent Major, so I handed over the badge in the hope the member was local. Through their corps association the badge owner, a Corporal now posted to Canberra, was tracked down very quickly thanks to the membership number. The badge is now in the post.
Thank you Colin B, WO1 Andrew K, Min and most of all Rebecca and her school.

The returned medal tally is now 1705.

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