22 July 2015

Sidney Parkes

188 SGT Sidney Ernest Parkes was one of the original members of the 6th Australian Light Horse Regiment. Prior to his WWI service, he fought in the Boer War with the 1st NSW Mounted Rifles. He was wounded in action which reported in the papers at the time.
Parkes arrived at Gallipoli early in the campaign and was killed in action on 24 May 1915. He is buried in the Shrapnel Valley Cemetery.
Parkes must have been quite notable in his regiment as he is even mention by the famous Trooper Bluegum in an article published in the Sydney Morning Herald.
Thanks to Max H from the Toodyay RSL who sent me the medal.
The returned medal tally is now 1703.


  1. Perhaps someone will come along and share his story. Hope this medal ends up with the others.
    Well done Toodyay RSL ...

    1. more on Sid at.. https://rslvirtualwarmemorial.org.au/explore/people/242775
      Regards, Mark (great great nephew to Sid).

    2. Your welcome Glyn, am enjoying your website.
      Do you still have Sid's medal?
      I am currently doing my family tree on My Heritage.. https://www.myheritage.com/site-family-tree-365987911/tucker

      If no other of Sid's descendants want his medal then I would very much like it to go to Richard Hancock in the UK. Richard is a also a descendant of Sid's and has done a lot of blogging on the Parkes family.. https://thesomme.wordpress.com/parkes-family/sydney-ernest-parkes/

      My paternal grandfather Reg Cashman info at https://rslvirtualwarmemorial.org.au/explore/people/93761

      All the best,

    3. Should have written Reg as my Maternal Grandfather.

    4. Subject: RE: Sidney Ernest Parkes Attn Max Howard
      The Toodyay RSL Sub-branch were given several medals, which included
      Sidney's by a person who attended the 2014 ANZAC Day parade in Toodyay. This
      person was unknown to the person whom he gave the medals, and nobody got his
      At that time he claims he found them on a tip in the Perth Metro area, and
      he didn't wish to see them go to land fill.
      I then sent them over to the person in Canberra who has a very good track
      record of returning lost medals, as in this case.
      Sorry I cannot help you out with any relatives.
      Our Sub-branch is happy that Sid's medals are with his family.
      Max Howard