16 August 2014

WWI British War Medal

Some of our searches raise more questions than answers. This story from Bill is one example. The result was a successful return

The background to the search for a next of kin of 7029 Arthur Sylvia Lane is convoluted, even if you allow for the queries over Arthur's full given names, Arthur Sylvia or Arthur Silvio?
The request to look for the family came as a consequence of a deceased estate and an enquiry by the will Executor to the Victorian branch of the RSL for help.
Unfortunately, and I do not know why or how there were no details of where the medal came from. Even now I don't, but to Gordon for his reaching out to the RSL, thank you.
But above all this search belongs to the team of the Australian Surname Group, whose patience and perseverance won the day.

The medal that was returned was a British War Medal. The returned medal tally is now 1519. 

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  1. They are a great team of researchers :)