12 February 2014

Arthur Smith

The first thing I found out about 60474 Flight Lieutenant Arthur Leonard Manning Smith was that he died of disease in 1946. This information led me to an entry on the Australian War Memorial site and also the RAAF casualty data base. This last link held a surprise by including a photo of Smith's headstone which I've added below.
The next step was to look for the WWII service record which I found on the NAA website. This record makes interesting reading and surprisingly a photo of Smith (on the first page of the record).
Smith's NOK was listed as his father so there was no wife or children to look for. As far as I could work out he was an only child so back I went through his parents families. His mother's maiden name was Sevenoaks which made the search a little easier. This lead me down the line of Smith's uncle. Today I spoke to Smith's second cousin and will send the medals to Eva in the near future.
The medal is one which I don't see to often it is the France and Germany Star primary awarded to
Thanks go to Vicki D who sent me this and medals to three other soldiers.
The returned medals tally is now 1410.

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