28 May 2013

Albert Carrell

I don't mind saying that my friend Sandra really tested my research skills when she sent me two WWII medals awarded to Albert Edward Holton Carrell. Albert served in the RAAF.
Using the electoral rolls and birth, deaths and marriage records available on line I worked out that Albert married in the 1920s but was divorced by the 1930s and didn't have any children. He lived out his life with his two spinster sisters. Sadly, that line of the Carrell family is extinct. So I had to go back to Albert's parents and grand parents.
The only firm piece of evidence I had was the quite unusual 'Holton' name. Using the British census records I found Frances Ann Holton was born in Westerton, Sussex in 1834. She married Elias Carrell. Their son was William Thomas Carrell who married Elizabeth Hoare. They had three children, Ellen Frances, Elizabeth and Albert. I also looked at the Hoare family but they are extinct as well.
This led me back further to Frances Ann Holton and that is when I came across an Ancestry family tree. I contacted the tree owner who is the great great grand daughter of Frances making Albert her great uncle.

The returned medal tally is now 1279.

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  1. Ironically I have Hoare in ym family tree ... out of Cornwall.

    Congratulations :)