12 February 2013

George Robinson

George Audley Robinson's service record makes interesting reading. He initially enlisted in 4th Bn AIF on 17 August 1914. His service record has a 2nd attestation paper for enlistment in 2nd Bn AIF on 31 August 1915. From the early pages of the record it is clear that George left Australia in October 1914 but was returned to Australia in May 1915 because he had a venereal disease. When he landed back in Australia he deserted before presenting himself to the authorities. It is not until page 22 of the service record that the story becomes clear. The dates of his return and then re-attestation are given and the authority this approved the re-enlistment.
George finally joined his battalion in France in July 1916. He spent some time in hospital over the next couple of years and then in September 1918 he received a gunshot wound which resulted in evacuation to England. George finally retuned to Australia early in 1919.
George's full medal entitlement is the 1914-15 Star, the British War Medal and the Victory Medal. It is the British War Medal that I'll soon be returning to George's grand daughter. The medal is named with George's original regimental number - 227, not his second number - 4570.
I received this medal yesterday afternoon from Roger A who was very keen for it to be returned to the family. Roger is a Canberra local so he dropped it off. A few hours of scratching around led me to Janette (George's grand daughter) who has told me the medals have been missing for many years.
The returned medal tally is now 1249.


  1. Well done Glyn and Roger :)

    1. Yes absolutely an amazing discovery & I want to thank you so much for your determination in re-uniting lost medals with their families. I look forward very much to holding my grandfather's medal again, showing his great grandchildren & great great grandchildren. Now if only we could track down the rest of them how fine that would be.