12 May 2010

Eric Suhr

This is another occasion when I'm putting up a medal before we have resolved the search in the hope that exposure on the Internet might lead to a clue.
This is the Military Medal awarded to 11924 Eric James Suhr. He was a driver in the Army Service Corps and his MM was awarded for clearing wounded from a clearing station while under fire. The date of this action was 29/30 Aug 1918.
After the war Suhr returned to Melbourne where he was involved in a mechanic business with his father and brother. We know that in 1949 Suhr and his wife Betty Jean Suhr were living at Berfold, Castlemaine. There is also a bit of detail about his brothers and sisters that we are untangling, including a connection to a Miss Naomi Catherine Love who died on the 28 March 2004. Miss Love was the sister in law of Mildred Eileen Love(nee Suhr), the youngest sister of Eric James Suhr.

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  1. I just discovered that Eric Suhr's medal is held by the QLD police. His son John inherited the medal and after John died some years ago, his son or daughter would have the medal. From memory, the original medal was destroyed in a fire at Eric's farm at Barfold and the current medal was re-issued.