22 March 2010

VX11935 Ernest Reginald Barton

VX11935 Ernest Reginald Barton proved to be a bit difficult to find. There wasn't much details from his service records to work with but this is what Bill and Yuku team pieced together.
Ernest was born at Broken Hill in 1906 and his mother was Florence Edith Hughes. His fathers name is unknown. After her first husband died Florence then Married Henry Edward Charles Bromwich at Broken Hill in 1912. They had one daughter, Mavis Jean, born in Sydney 1918 and died in Mudgee 1973. This makes Mavis the half sister of Ernest. Mavis Jean Bromwich married Alan Cecil Day in 1939 and they had two sons, Richard and Max.
Based on a bit of educated guest work I wrote to the a Max Day in Mudgee and he is the fellow we were looking for. Max is Ernest's closest relative and having spoken to him and his daughter tonight I know these medals are going to be well looked after.
The returned medal tally is now 608.

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