28 November 2009

N386950 Edward Wilson

N386950 Edward Wilson was one of many Australian WWII servicemen who did not go overseas but provided valuable service during the war years. He number indicates that he was not part of the militia who volunteered to go overseas and it would appear that due to his experience on the land he was employed in that capacity. His unit on discharge was 2 Farm Coy. Based on this is it likely that Wilson would have received the Defence Medal, the War Medal and the Australian Service Medal 1939-1945. It is his Defence Medal that has been sent to me.
The search for Wilson's family was a little difficult, but through the fantastic assistance of the Australian Surname Group, a Wilson family tree was found on the Internet. This led Bill to look at Wilson's siblings, one of which was Albert Wilson who died as a POW in Borneo. Bill eventually tracked down a niece. He was known as 'Ted' to the family and I'll send his Defence Medal to her in the very near future.
The medal returned tally is now 563.

For those who take an interest in different naming styles and variations you can see that the 'E' is lightly struck in comparrison to the rest of the letters.

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