16 April 2009

SX 38114 TPR Thomas Sutton

Some of the searches that we do turn out to be very easy, others are far more difficult. The quickest search I've done took 17 minutes from the time I got the medal to the time I spoke to the family. On the other hand I have medals that I purchased over 8 years ago and I've made little progress with.
Today I received a medal at 1130. It was handed to me by a gent who works in the same complex as me. At 1210 I spoke to the brother of SX 38114 Trooper Thomas Stanley Godden Sutton and arranged for the medal to sent to him. Sutton served in the 1st Armoured Car Regiment after enlisting in 1944. He served through to 1947 and died in 1954. This search was made easy by the unusual middle names that Sutton had. I used these to locate where he died. I then looked up the name in the White Pages and there were two listings in that town. I took a punt and the first number I called was the brother. This is the 479th medals returned by Lost Medals Australia.

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